What we do

With the continuous advancement in technology, enterprises have changed the way they do business. With focus on mobile, cloud and social, minebrat can help you accelerate the business transformation

How we do it

Product Engineering Service

Case study

Problem statement.

An educational insitutation wanted to create a software to automate student management, along with examination management, ratings and gradings of students

How we fixed it.

We created a cloud based multi tenant solution for the customer, which can be used by school management, teachers, co-ordinators and students. A connected enterprise which gives flexibility for the teachers to create question papers based on a question bank and grade students based on multiple skills and sub skills factors.

How did it benefited the customer.

The solution completely removed the excel based data management and helped teachers to connect with students and parents. A proper graded report eventually tells the parents, on where the focus on students needs to be improved the parents satisfaction against the school and also reduced teachers effort in data management.


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